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Musical Selections (Windows Media Video Files With The Video Still Image Giving Selection Detail):

1) "Watch Out Now" - English horn

2) "Here At Last" - Oboe and English horn

3) "Mozambique Trail" - Alto Flute"

4) "Uppity Horn" - Oboe

5) "Nice Energy" - Oboe

6) "Let's Get Out Of Here" - Oboe

7) "The Pizz"- English horn

8) "Avant" - Oboe

9) "Curb" - Alto Flute

10) "Youth In Asia" - Oboe

11) "Being Brave" - English horn

12) "Aftermath Assessment" - English horn

13) "Very Suspicious" - Oboe and English horn

14) "Whispers" - Alto Flute

15) "A Bit Flip" - English horns