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Sandwich Croquet Club

Croquet 2020
will begin Saturday June 13.

We have important limitations due to the coronavirus situation:

1. Our calendar is simply “times to play” as we are not yet able to plan any social events. However, we should have ample opportunities to play that you can reserve online. A signup link will be emailed to you.

 2.The Club House is closed; we cannot linger to socialize; and special events such as exchanges and large tournaments cannot be scheduled at this time. but a porta-potty is available. We are also considering renting a porta-potty.

 3. Organized play will be limited to 4 on a court and no more that 12 players per session.

Thus, we offer more sessions to enable enough play for members. There will be 3 sessions per day Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with one session Sundays.

Each session will be for a designated game (6 wicket or golf or 9 wicket)

Reserving a slot to play will be through an online registration process that
will be totally explained in a separate emailing.

Court Protocols

A. Masks are necessary for all, plus gloves for set up and take down.

B. Sanitizer available at all times and used at end of play. Please, also, bring your own sanitizer.

C. No food or water available.

D. No bench or table seating. Bring your own chairs and put your personal items on the chairs.

E. One person in the shed at a time.

 F. Only the person setting up touches the balls and wickets by hand. Everyone else Touch balls only with your mallet or feet.

G. Take down is the same plus the equipment is wiped down.

H. Mallets need to be wiped down before and after use.

I. Stay on the boundary line except to hit the ball.

J. Open Play is not permitted until further notice.

Come play croquet with us!

As a fully established club, we have become an integral part of Sandwich Hollows and the Sandwich community with a full sized croquet court, a Board of Directors, and a consistent membership of two dozen or more. Fun and comradery have been the name of the game at Sandwich Croquet with our many tournaments, exciting social events, special lessons, and the many, many days of fun and challenging croquet.

The Sandwich Croquet Club (SCC) is a growing club located on Cape Cod at the Sandwich Hollows Golf Club off the Service Road in East Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Six-wicket American, Nine-wicket, and Golf croquet are played regularly on four well-maintained courts. Equipment is available for use during scheduled play times. Membership is very affordable.

Handbook Our rules and guidelines for play. Click here.


The club is an active member of the United States Croquet Association (USCA).

A Board of Directors works closely with club members to set policies, schedule events, and to generally oversee the operation of the club and its bylaws. The board is presently comprised of:

Nancy Spalding, President
Mike Bjornholm, Treasurer
Maureen Villiotte, co-secretary
Heather Welch, co-secretary
Eric Heiser
Alan Holmgren
Jean Lynch


2020 Schedule

There will be 10 playing sessions per week, with a maximum of 12 players for each two-hour session.

The session(s) and hour(s) you play depends on the type of
game you want to play and if a slot is available at that time.

Please review the following schedule of
days, times, sessions and game types.

10:00-12:00 6 Wicket only
12:30-2:30 Golf croquet and 9 Wicket only
3:00-5:00 Golf croquet and 9 Wicket only

10:00-12:00 6 Wicket only
12:30-2:30 Golf Croquet and 9 Wicket only
3:00-4:30 Members Lessons
5:00-7:00 Games of Choice

10:00-12:00 Golf Croquet and 9 Wicket only
12:30-2:30 6 Wicket only
3:00-5:00 Golf Croquet and 9 Wicket only

2:00- 4:00 Games of Choice

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