Approved, Annual Meeting, 2016

Article 1. Name
The name of this organization is the Sandwich Croquet Club (SCC).

Article 2. Purpose
The purpose of the Sandwich Croquet Club is to enjoy and promote the game of croquet in accordance with the rules and regulations recognized by the United States Croquet Association, and to sponsor associated club activities for the enjoyment of the Club's members.

Article 3. Membership
Any person interested in the SCC's activities may apply for membership, and become a member with a completed application and payment of applicable fees.

Article 4. Officers and Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Sandwich Croquet Club and will consist of four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and three members at large. The officers will be determined by the Board.

Each member of the Board will have one vote on each issue. For voting purposes, a quorum of the Board of Directors must be present, and will consist of a simple majority of the members.

The Board may establish or discontinue subcommittees for various purposes as needed. These Committees will be appointed by the President as needed and may be created or discontinued at the discretion of the Board.

The Nominating Committee will be charged with developing a Board of Directors slate for the next season. The current President shall appoint a Nominating Committee no later than September 1 of each year. The Nominating Committee will present a list of candidates to maintain a seven member board.

Elected Board members shall serve a one year term. Members are eligible to be re-elected for additional terms.

Any vacant unfulfilled term of officers or members at large, shall be appointed by a vote of the Board. The term of the appointment will continue until the next Annual Meeting.

All Board members shall be elected by ballot at the Club's annual meeting to be held in September, or as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

The newly elected Board shall assume its responsibilities immediately upon election.

The Board of Directors will:

Share in the responsibility of administrating the club programs and activities to carry out the purpose of the Sandwich Croquet Club.

Approve the Annual Budget as provided by the Treasurer.

Vote on any major expenditures for the club.

Establish membership dues and fees.

The PRESIDENT will preside over the meetings of the Board of Directors and membership of Sandwich Croquet Club. The President is responsible for the overall administration of the club to carry out its programs and activities. The President will set the agenda of each meeting with input from the Board members. The President or his designee will act as liaison with the Sandwich Hollows Golf Club administration and grounds/maintenance.

The President approves of all correspondence with other organizations as well as being responsible for maintaining communication with the membership.

The VICE PRESIDENT will assist the President in carrying out his/her duties and substitute for the President as needed.

The Vice President will oversee the appointed committees.

The SECRETARY records minutes of all meetings and presents minutes of former meetings.

The TREASURER keeps and maintains the financial records of the Sandwich Croquet Club including a checking account.

The Treasurer receives monies due the Club and deposits same in the bank.

The Treasurer records all deposits and disbursements.

The Treasurer reports to the Board whenever it meets, stating the balance of accounts, explanation of receipts and disbursements.

The Treasurer also keeps a current list of all members and their contact information.

The Board of Directors will meet a minimum of monthly during the playing season (May through October), and as needed during the off season to review the past season, and plan for the next year.

The Board will set the date and time of all Board and general membership meetings.

Any meeting of the Sandwich Croquet Club may be conducted using the guidelines of Robert's Rules of Order or as designated by the Board to ensure the orderly conduct of business.

These guidelines should not be interpreted so strictly that they impede or hamper a spirit of cooperation, good will and comfort level.

All records and equipment belonging to the Sandwich Croquet Club will be turned over to the Sandwich Croquet Club at the expiration of the officer's term.

Article 5. Dress Code

White clothing is recognized as the traditional standard of dress when on the croquet courts.

White clothing is encouraged, but not required.

All players are required to wear flat-heeled shoes that will not damage the playing surface.

All players are expected to wear whites at tournaments.

Article 6. Non-members
Non-members are invited to participate in club play for two sessions with no fee.

Article 7. Conduct
The very essence of croquet is that of sportsmanship and courtesy to fellow members and guests on and off the courts, and should be the standard of conduct at all times.

Article 8. Age Restrictions
A responsible adult member (18 years or older) must be present if younger persons (less than 18 years old) are playing.

Article 9. Amendments
Amendments to these Bylaws may be presented by the Board of Directors to be voted on at the Club's annual meeting.


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