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The Sandwich Croquet Club (SCC) is a friendly, fun-loving club dedicated to playing a very old game involving skill and mental craftiness. We welcome new players who will find croquet easy to learn rather quickly.

We provide expert instruction with the goal of getting new members actively playing the first day, and with a little practice, new players can achieve a surprising level of competency.

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We are active members of the United States Croquet Association (USCA).

Our club is highly social, allowing for good-humored play among players at all skill levels. Everyone knows everyone else, and typically games last a half hour with teams changing partners several times during a day's session.

We play from May through late October on Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00, Thursdays from 5-7 pm, and on Saturdays, 10:00-12:00.

Beginning May, 2019, the courts are open for play to members (practice, pickup games, etc.) during daylight hours, when not used for scheduled group play, tournaments or maintenance. Courts will be closed for use on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings each week until noon for necessary maintenance.

Following play, we often dine at the Clubhouse Grill or other local restaurants. On Saturdays, play can continue into the afternoon if desired. See Events for photos and examples of our many activities. See Calendar for our scheduled events.

Why Croquet?

If you like to compete at a game that is easy to learn...

If you like to socialize while you compete...

If you want to make new friends...

If you want an athletic activity that won't tear apart your muscles and joints...

If you want a game requiring more brains than brawn...

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Our History and the Opening of Our New Court

The Sandwich Croquet Club began in May 2011 in response to the growing interest in croquet on Cape Cod and what were, at the time, limited venues to play this wonderful sport.

Ed Gardella located a potential court site at Sandwich Hollows Golf Club. Together, Ed and Bill Day explored the possibility of establishing a croquet court with the golf club administrators.

The concept was enthusiastically received and plans began to develop a croquet club. Ed, Bill, and Dave Polidor, SHGC Golf Course Superintendent, identified a site and measured out two courts.

Still uncertain of its future, the Sandwich Croquet Club was launched on May 3, 2011, when an informal group of seven winter-hardened souls met for a bone-chilling afternoon of play on the new courts.

Soil mix delivered for new court. Initial leveling and grading.

Word quickly spread, and through the hard work and enthusiasm of its members, the club grew to twenty-four members by the end of its first season and over 30 in 2012.

The Heritage Croquet Club loaned equipment at the beginning, and soon equipment began to be purchased, lessons were provided, and two golf croquet tournaments were held.

Fund raising efforts and a growing membership helped to provide the club with further needed equipment. Volunteers built and provided a picnic table with umbrella, deadness boards, mallets, clips, and wickets.

A steering committee of some of the club's early members formed to develop a program, provide ongoing leadership and begin long term planning. They included: Ed Gardella, Bill and Grace Day, and Bob and Nancy Spalding.

Before the first season had ended, the golf club's administrators had identified a prime site, and approached the croquet club to build a full-sized croquet court. Working together with John Johnson, Director of Golf, the club developed a contract with the Town of Sandwich to move forward as an established part of the Sandwich Hollows community.

The new court final grade, ready for seeding. Above center, major donor Debbie Crowell cuts the ribbon at new-court opening. Bob Spalding (left), Bill Day, and Ed Gardella (right), among the club founders.

Through the extraordinary generosity of the Crowell Construction Company and the financial support of many club members, a full-sized championship croquet court was excavated, leveled, and set for planting by December 2011. During 2012 club members and the staff at Sandwich Hollows Golf Club watered the newly sprouting grass, often daily.

Finally, in early September of 2012, the gorgeous new court was ready for play with a grand-opening tournament and much celebration.

After a summer of busy watering and TLC, the courts are ready for play the morning of the opening tournament.

Let the tournament games begin.... First tournament winners on the new courts, Ed Gardella (middle) 1st place; Bob Kroeger (left), 2nd place; Mike Walsh (right), 3rd place.

The club now has a new full sized court, which can be split into two half-size courts, plus we have the two smaller courts. This means that currently we have enough space and equipment for 32 people to play at one time.

In 2014 through 2018, we played on the new courts, and as the grass matured, they became better and better. We sponsored several tournaments, adding a 6-Wicket American Croquet Tournament to our regular roster of Golf Croquet competitions. We invited players from other clubs, including some ringers who joined in snapping up the prizes. We also began playing some 9-Wicket Croquet, sometimes referred to as backyard croquet and which shares elements of Golf and 6-Wicket American Croquet.

We had several instructional presentations by Bob Kroeger with strong attendance.

In 2016, we amended the bylaws to best fit the evolving club.

So please come join us for all the fun!


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