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Season's End Dinner, October 2016, New Bylaws

The annual meeting was held at the British Beer Company, was well attended, and concluded with passage of new bylaws for the club. Joyce Hurst provided us with special table decorations.

Golf Croquet Tournaments, 2016

Golf Croquet Tournament - June 25, 2016 (Jack Graham 1st, Nancy Spalding 2nd, Jean Lynch 3rd) Golf Croquet Tournament August 20, 2016 (DJ Zirbel 1st, Ed Gardella 2nd, Maureen Villiotte 3rd)

Golf Croquet Tournament

Croquet Clinic

Bob Kroeger Clinic - July 23, 2016

Sandy Neck Picnic, 2016

Sandy Neck Picnic August 4, 2016

Season's End Dinner, October 2015

Club members enjoyed a farewell dinner at the Olde Yarmouth Inn as the 2015 season wound down.

Board members Bill Day, Grace Day, and Audrey Rickard step aside this year to enthusiastic applause. Much appreciation for their central roles in bringing the club through its infancy to present day.


Golf Croquet Tournament, September 2015

Overall winners of the tournament were, from left: Ted (3rd Place), Debbie (2nd Place), and Peter (1st Place).

At left, the full cast of characters!

The courts are now fully mature and with our new auto-sprinkler system, they were in great shape despite a very dry summer.

It was a splendid late summer day! We had 14 participants in our late-season Golf Croquet Tournament run by Bill Day with volunteers bringing snacks and drinks.

The tournament was a fun day and everyone helped out, and we are thankful for their assistance.

Croquet Weekend, July 2015

Maureen wins tournament. Bob instructs.

The Club held a Golf Croquet Weekend during July 2015. On Friday, members enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner with everyone contributing their special dishes to provide quite a feast! That evening, everyone had fun competing in various lawn games. Not to be missed was croquet practice on Debbie's beautiful court.

On Saturday, members attended a Golf Croquet Clinic instructed by Bob Kroeger. Sunday members played a fun and competitive Golf Croquet Tournament on the Sandwich courts. The winner of the tournament was Maureen. The weekend weather was perfect as were the courts. Fun, camaraderie and competition were enjoyed by all!

2014 Season Highlights Slideshow

'Annual Dinner' 2014 at Old Yarmouth Inn

The Final Dinner with Halloween Twist. After all those stories of glory, time to order....

Golf Croquet Tournament, September 2014
Warm-ups.... Overall winners of the tournament were: DJ (3rd Place), Nancy (1st Place), and Debbie(2nd Place).

It was a very good day with almost perfect weather! We had 19 participants and one Bye, and all were ready to roll by 8:55.Those who contributed to snacks were Michael, Jane, Joanne, Mary, Maureen, DJ and Nancy. Ed and Bob set up, Maureen was timer, Audrey and Nancy registered people, and Debbie handed out the prizes. Audrey took pictures."

The tournament was a fun day and everyone helped out and we are thankful for their assistance.

Nancy came in first place and, after a shootout because of a tie, Debbie placed second and DJ third.

Six-Wicket Croquet Tournament, August 2014

Six-Wicket Players Overall winners of the tournament were: Ed Gardella (at right) first place. 2nd place went to Ed Rose from Heritage and 3rd place was taken by Ware Cady from Marion. At left, Bill Day distributed prizes.

Ten people, including some top players from visiting clubs, participated in a competitive American Six-Wicket Croquet Tournament on Sunday, August 24 at Sandwich Hollows. Our own Ed Gardella earned top honors.

Golf Croquet Tournament, July 2014

At play on a fine summer day Overall winners of the tournament were: Jim Feeney (First Place) (Marion Mallet Club), Debbie Crowell (Second Place), and Maureen Villiotte (Third Place).

Twenty people participated in a fun and competitive Golf Croquet Tournament on Saturday, July 12 at Sandwich Hollows. The weather was perfect as well as the courts! Snacks and refreshments were delicious and gave a boost to our stamina and ability to make those wickets.

9-Wicket Croquet Lessons, New Game for Many

Since Bob Kroeger’s workshop on Nine Wicket Croquet, held on June 18, members have been enjoying the game as an alternative to our regular Golf and American games. We now regularly have two six-wicket courts and one nine-wicket court set up for play.


'Final Dinner' 2013 at Old Yarmouth Inn

The Final Dinner wasn't entirely final because October delivered many more lovely fall days of play. ...Nancy explains her victory against the boys!

First American Croquet Tournament, 2013
Nerves of steel as the teams gather for action. And the winner: D.J. Zirbel.

Sandy Neck Picnic 2013

The 2013 Sandy Neck Picnic Fire. ...The competition , a showdown at sundown

Annual Wellness Day Clinic 2013


July 2013 Tournament Rousing Success

The winners: from left, 3rd Ted Rickard, 1st Jacqueline Zenopoulos, 2nd Audrey Rickard. The full cast of characters.
Five-player shootout for 3rd place, won by Ted. All in good fun for all.

A competitive, evenly matched Golf Croquet Tournament, organized by Nancy Spalding, unfolded beneath cloudy July 2013 skies, yielding a new club champ--Jacqueline Zenopoulos. Members brought potluck snacks and everyone enjoyed the event. Good sports, everyone. No outbursts, no weeping, all smiles and clapping for the winners.


Bob Kroeger Lessons Loaded with Tips and Demos

Bob Kroeger held a terrific clinic on Saturday, June 22, for our Sandwich Croquet Club members.

Here is a link to the WCF Golf Croquet Rules: Official Golf Croquet Rules.

Bob Kroeger's Croquet Website - just click on the Video/Audio Page
and the video titles.

Bob Kroeger explains rules and strategies. His attentive class absorbs.
Bob Kroeger demos a series of shots. His class follows with shots of their own.


New Bylaws, Board Members Added at June 15 Meeting

The Sandwich Croquet Club held it's first Annual Meeting on June 15, 2013. The new Bylaws were unanimously approved. Seven members of the new Board of Directors were elected and include: Bill Day, President, Nancy Spalding, Vice President, Ed Gardella, Treasurer, Grace Day, Secretary. New Board Members elected were Audrey Rickard, and Maureen Villiotte. A continental breakfast was enjoyed by all followed by play on the courts.

New Bylaws earn approval at 2013 Board Meeting. Earnest discussion of croquet strategy.
New board member Audrey Rickard (left) looks on as Bob Spalding accepts award for outstanding service to the club. Nancy Spalding at right stays on as vice-president. Bob Spalding accepts his award upon retiring from the board to civilian life.

New 2013 Season Began Saturday, May 4

We're started the new season at 9:30 am for practice, 10 am for the first game!

Come join us!

For other 2013 events, see our calendar page.


New Full-Size Court Opening and Tournament, September 8, 2012

The most exciting time for our Club occurred on September 8 when we opened our new court. The additional space in which to play is wonderful! The opening ceremony was attended by 24 people. Debbie Crowell cut the ribbon to open the first day of play on the new courts. Certificates of recognition were given to Dave Polidor, Dave Tilly and John Johnson for the roles they have played in welcoming the club to Sandwich Hollows and in supporting the club through its growth stages. See more in Our History in the About Us Section.

Ribbon cutting at the new court. Bill Day toasts Sanwich Hollows Supt. Dave Polidor

The ceremony was followed by a celebratory champagne toast given by Bob Spalding and sprinkling of the bubbly on the green. A golf croquet tournament was played by 20 people who also enjoyed a box lunch provided by the Clubhouse Grill. Nancy Spalding directed the tournament and coordinated the celebration.

Ed Gardella accepts winner's trophy. Lunch break on a hot day of competition.

Winners of the Tournament were: First Place – Ed Gardella; Second Place – Bob Kroeger; Third Place – Michael Walsh. Congratulations to all!

Beach Picnic, August 6, 2012

During the very beginning of August, a picnic on the beach at Sandy Neck was held. Entertainment included games provided by the Spaldings. Thanks to Lisa Hendrickson for coordinating the event and for providing the delicious creatures from the sea for consumption! Mike and Dianne Walsh helped to build our campfire. Many members contributed wood! The food was great, thanks to the many cooks who contributed to the fine buffet. To cap it all off, we were treated to a beautiful sunset over Cape Cod Bay!

Evening picnic at Sandy Neck. Great ending.

Croquet Referee Clinic, July 27, 2012

The SCC sponsored a Croquet Referee clinic held on Friday, July 27 at Sandwich Hollows, in which twelve members participated. Bob Kroeger, USCA, provided the instruction. Many thanks to Maureen Villiotte who coordinated this, and to Bob for his fine instructional services.

Golf Croquet Tournament, July 8, 2012

The Golf Croquet Tournament held on July 8, 2012 was a great success with fourteen members playing five rounds. The Tournament, postponed from June 23 due to inclement weather predictions, was played on a beautiful summer day. Welcome relief from the sun was provided by our beach umbrellas, the perimeter trees, and bottles of water on ice. Fruit, banana bread and ice cream sandwich treats refreshed the bodies and encouraged the players to finish in grand style. The tournament was directed by Nancy Spalding.

Nancy Spalding explains the rules. Bill Day 1st, Lisa Hendricjson 2nd, Peter Owens 3rd

Winners of the tournament were: First Place: Bill Day, Second Place: Lisa Hendrickson, and Third Place: Peter Owens. Members stayed on after play and dined at the Clubhouse Grill. A huge thank you to Nancy Spalding for organizing the day!

Potluck Dinner, June 27, 2012

The Potluck Dinner held at the Herring Run Condos in Bourne and hosted by Bill and Grace Day on June 27, provided an opportunity for socializing and getting to know one another better. Drinks and appetizers at pool side were so inviting folks hesitated leaving their tables to get their dinners. Members brought an assortment of delicious dishes. Cynthia and Lewis Skinner’s stuffed clam appetizers were a yummy hit.

Pre-dinner strategy session. Potluck goodies.

Croquet Clinics, 2012 Season

Bill Day and Nancy Spalding taught three beginning croquet clinics through the Sandwich Community School on June 16, July 14 and August 11, 2012. Lessons were from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30. A total of eleven people joined in the fun and learned to play this fascinating sport.

Comparing notes and strokes. Newcomers try their strokes at free clinic.

Pre-Season Social, April 13, 2012

Sandwich Croquet Club held it’s Pre-Season Social on Friday, April 13 beginning at 4 p.m. with a cocktail hour at Nancy Stewart’s home. Cocktails were followed with dinner at the Old Yarmouth Inn. Spring was in the air! Croquet season was about to begin. Everyone left their whites at home for the last time and dressed in colorful array. There was a lot to celebrate with a new season approaching and the development of a new full size court!

Wellness Day, Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Sandwich Croquet Club was represented at the Sandwich Community Wellness Day held at the H.T. Wing School. The goal of the event was to expose local residents to all the health and wellness services and activities within the community. SCC was represented by Bill and Grace Day and Ed Gardella who greeted those interested in the sport and answered their questions. Posters by Grace Day and Nancy Spalding explained that croquet involves physical activity, social engagement and mental challenges, all essential for health. The SCC website video was shown, and pamphlets about croquet were available. A demonstration croquet set-up provided by Ed Gardella, proved enchanting especially to young people as they tried their hand at the game.

Wellness Day displays. Bill Day offers advice.

Saturday, February 18, 2012 - Winter Gathering:

A gathering of club members who remain on the Cape during the winter was held on Feb. 18 at the Clubhouse Grill at Sandwich Hollows. Fifteen old and new members enjoyed a lunch ordered from the menu. Folks agreed it was a nice way to keep in touch with members; catching up on "winter happenings" was fun. Everyone is looking forward to May and the beginning of the new croquet season!

Winter lunch at Sandwich Hollows Golf Club. Donors Ed and Debbie Crowell, mid table.


December 30, 2011 - New Full Size Court Completed:

In the winter of 2011, a new full sized croquet court was added to the grounds. It was a wonderful way to start off the New Year! The court should be ready for play in July 2012.

The first courts that opened SCC in 2011. The new court closes out 2012 in elegance.


Saturday, October 29, 2011 - End of Season Party:

The Sandwich Croquet Club enjoyed its end of the year celebration at the Sandwich Hollows Club House in late October. Grace Day had produced formal invitations and decorations for the well attended event. Ed Gardella and Bill Day lead the program with acknowledgements of the many Club accomplishments for the first year. All the participants then joined in the thanking of various members for their contributions. The Club plans to resume its play schedule in early May.


October 23, 2011 - SCC Golf Croquet Tournament at Ballymeade

The Sandwich Croquet Club organized an informal Golf Croquet tournament at the Ballymeade Country Club venue on Cape Cod, in Falmouth, MA. We had 14 participants with four local croquet clubs represented. The action was fast and furious, with five 30-minute games using double banking (two games played simultaneously on each court). Ed Gardella won first place and Nancy Spalding came in second. It was great fun, and a good way to wrap up a very active croquet season on the Cape. It all boded well for the future of croquet in our region.

Saturday, September 3, 2011, SCC Golf Croquet Tournament at Sandwich Hollows:

The Sandwich Croquet Club hosted its first tournament at the Sandwich Hollows site in September. It was a Golf Croquet event for club members with 14 people participating. Five games were played in a round robin format. Nancy Spalding won first place and Bill Day took second.


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