Todd Morgan Kelley is a 12th generation descendant of David O'Killia "the Irishman" who was bound for Cape Cod as an indentured servant during Oliver Cromwell's war in Ireland c. 1650 -1652. The earliest spelling of David's last name was O'Gillior which first appeared in the historic record on 4 October, 1655. After that time it was also written as O'Killia, O'Killey, O' Kelley and then became Kelley. By 1657 - 1659 David "the Irishman" settled near the head of Bass River lending the family name to Kelley's Bay. The large Kelley Family has been a part of Cape Cod's history ever since. From this stems the deep roots of heritage and conviction of heart toward the land itself and the community of Cape Cod that is what Kelley Trailblazer today is all about.

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Yarmouth Quaker Meeting House 1809