"From the first session with Adam, I knew we would be booking this actor a lot. And we do. A LOT. Adam's range of versatility, voice texture, and intuitive understanding of the content and final usage allow me the confidence to recommend Adam for nearly every game we produce (over 100 a year). I have never, repeat NEVER, been less than thrilled with the final results, and there are very few actors who I can can say that of. I would recommend Adam to anyone looking for a highly talented actor, with a GREAT voice!" 

Nick Thomas - Founder of SomaTone Interactive Audio

“Having worked with a lot of voice actors, Adam is one that easily stands out in the crowd. He is not only a great guy to work with, but also brings with him obvious experience, excellent, detailed performances, and a breadth of characters and voices. I have and will continue to recommend his talents for any project I work on.” 

Jory Prum - Sound Designer/Audio Support Engineer at LucasArts, Integrator at Disney Online, Sound Guy at studio.jory.org (Sole Proprietorship)

“What's the sound of a green gorilla? Only Adam Harrington knows -- and knows how to voice a non-verbal character expressively, with warmth and humanity. Adam has a unique talent for bringing characters to life, even when they don't talk! Go Gorilla!!”

Ralph Guggenheim - VP, Feature Animation at Pixar Animation Studios, Executive Producer at Electronic Arts, CEO, Alligator Planet LLC.


“Adam is an amazingly talented voice actor in ALL areas of VO. He is a master of narration, a super creative character actor and his promo work rivals the best of the best! He's a blast to work with while maintaining a professional standard at all times. He's a "go to" VO actor.”

Susan McCollom - Founder of Voice Media, Founder of Susan and Friends Casting

“In playing KJ the Green Gorilla, Adam was literally the centerpiece around which the show was created. Adam is creative, professional and versatile (yes he can beat box too) and I'd be very happy to work with him again.”

Jay Golden - Vice President, New Media at SustainLane Media Executive Producer, Web Shows at SustainLane Media
Entertainment Producer at Free Range Studios