Welcome to my Photo Restoration Website. I look forward to having you browse my collection of restored photos. Simply click on the thumbnails below.

Before you take a look, I wanted to give you a little background on Photo Restoration. Not too long ago, it was exorbitantly expensive to have a photo professionally restored. These days, there are literally 1000's of people doing affordable photo restoration on their home desktops and laptops, many using Adobe Photoshop. There are professionals in the market place that still charge a lot of money for restoration and they likely deserve their fees for the investment of time, expertise, and equipment/software.  It's incredible what some of these professionals can do! 

My involvement with Photo Restoration happened by chance. My mother in law had a badly damaged photo and I experimented with repairing it. Several hours later (I'm a slow and thorough worker), I came up with what I considered a finished project (it's included in this collection which I will mention when you see it).  I was quite pleased and sent it around to professionals who confirmed I did a good job. Since that time, I have done several other restorations. 

I originally purchased Photoshop with the purpose of creating surrealistic Magritte inspired digital images (which I still do). I do other practical things with Photoshop and some other self-indulgent things.

My Mission is to provide you an opportunity to have a damaged photo that is dear to you restored without any upfront financial committment. Also, you don't have to worry about me ruining the original because I will only accept digital images of your photo via the internet or on a CD-R via snail mail. You would simply scan your image at 300 pixels per inch and get it to me. If I feel I can't do the job, I'll let you know up front. To put you at ease, if you don't like my work, even after I have spent oodles of hours, you don't owe me a thing - PERIOD!! I operate on a basis of trust and honesty and know people will do the right thing. I want you to be HAPPY!!  Regarding the cost, it depends on the project but I assure you we can come to terms which will make all parties happy.

So lets have you take a look. You'll see 'before and after' examples on each page.  Where it's appropriate, I talk a little about the process. Just click on the thumbnails at the bottom of each page to see a larger image. Enjoy and please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or comments: Email Bob Kroeger