Bob Kroeger is Cape Recording. He lives with his wife Deborah and their cat Nettie on Cape Cod. Bob started messing with a small reel to reel tape recorder at age 10 and progressed through the various larger consumer tape recorders through his teen years right into his adult life. It was analog up until the early 90s when Bob was a quick adopter of affordable digital multitrack equipment (ADATS) and now, like pretty much every other audio recordist, uses computers. He attended and graduated from Berklee College of Music ('73-'77) majoring in Instrumental Performance (oboe and flute) while also completing Berklee's Audio Recording Program in 1978. While Bob doesn't operate out of a sound proof studio, he focuses on location recording using up to and including eight tracks. His specialty is recording small jazz ensembles, small chamber music groups including chorals, and acoustic music performers. The Music Page on this site has audio examples (.wav files) of his work. Bob does have a room at his home which allows him to mix and master client recordings. Like all computer recording, his mixes are non destructive/full recall allowing tweaking to his and his client's hearts content. Please click on the Gear Page to see what equipment is currently being used.