1) "Yesterdays"
- Singer Shawnn Monterio with Jazz Trio - Live 8 track digital recording at Scullers Jazz Club Boston, MA (various audio plugins used)

2) "Sophisticated Lady" - Saxophonist Joel Press with Jazz Trio - Live 8 track digital recording at Joel's home
(various audio plugins used)

3) Choral Example - Sine Nomine Choral Ensemble - 2 mic digital recording from a concert recorded in Grace Church New Bedford, MA (no plugins used)
Choral Example using Stereo Spread and EQ plugins

4) "Last Time" - Singer/Songwriter Dan Collins - 3 mic digital recording (no overdubs) in Dan's home (various audio plugins used including a small room ambience preset)
"Now and Then" 3 mic digital recording with one guitar overdub (various audio plugins used
but no ambience plugin)

Bob has audio restoration software if you need noise reduction or extraneous sounds removed from your music. There is no guarantee this software will work in every instance, but it's quite easy to see if there a possibility without a financial commitment. He can also overdub his woodwinds (flute, alto flute, oboe, and English horn) on your music if you have the need. Examples of my playing are available upon request. If you have multitrack projects (multiple .wav file stems) that need mixing and/or or stereo recordings that need editing/mastering/remastering, Bob can perform these services as well.